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Barrette Backs, Hair Findings, Made in France

Notice:  Regarding MADE IN FRANCE  barrettes....This is an end of life product. Factory has closed. Please plan accordingly.  We have limited stock and any new stock has come from retail outlets, hence price increases. If you need more stock then we currently have please contact me soon. Regardless of size of order prices will not be better but I MAY be able to get more quantity.   Please note we now have a Asian made  substitute for the original french clips.  The design is the same, quality good. 

The barrette blanks that have "French" in the title are are made in France will all be stamped "made in France"  They have only two parts to them, the barrette back and the hinged clip. Chinese copies are often sold as a "french clip" but  they will not have the "made in France" stamp on them. You will find the Chinese version also have three separate parts, they tend to break and are made of a weaker steel.  The measurement given is the length of the barrette back from end to end. You can use these barrette backs to glue, solder or sew things on to. Some items may be finished enough to use as is, but we think they may also be used as a base or pad to build your craft creations on. French auto-lock barrette backs are of Superior quality and meet EU Nickel directive.