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Sure please contact me.....  I will admit to being really bad with the phone.  I am afraid while I have obviously joined the online world ..... I have never come around to relying on, or carrying a phone. 

   I have a rather unusual lifestyle.  I am often living in places that have no cell or phone service. This may be in the mountains or perhaps on a boat somewhere at a distant place.  If you insist please feel free to call if you want. Here are two numbers:

802-365-7853 Summer land line
904-673-6359  Winter cell phone

   I will eventually get a message that you leave. Maybe that day, maybe within the week.

The best way to get me is through e-mail as I monitor that everyday. Weekdays I am working on line and I will check my e-mail frequently. This is really the best way to get in touch.

Email me at: