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18x13mm clear plastic  cabochon 922q

18x13mm clear plastic cabochon 922q

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After years of searching for a supplier of clear cabochons we have finally found one. We are now offering crystal clear cabs in a number of sizes, 35mm, 40x30mm, 30x22mm and 25x18mm. We have had many requests for these over the years. Apparently people put artwork or pictures under them. We are now able to buy these new in a consistent supply, unfortunately I am still fighting the fact that they are not perfect. Under close examination they have small mars or scuffs, maybe a light scratch. Seems the nature of a clear plastic part. This product comes to us in a big box all together, as such I suppose they are just prone to rubbing against each other , perhaps some flaws are in the manufacturing. If your ordering just a few we will try to pick the best we have, but I can't sort through these on larger quantities. Sooo....if you are interested in these my suggestion is to order a dozen. See if you are satisfied, before you order order 100's of them

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