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The Junk Room

What could the Junk room possibly contain? Well, anything really, in any condition. As they say one persons junk is another persons treasure. For some reason we generate a lot of stuff that never makes it into a box or a bin. Maybe the item is bad, a setting is missing a pin back, Maybe the finish is bad, Maybe the chains are all tangled, Maybe something is soldered together crooked. Maybe items just ended up on the floor and a week later it is swept into a pile. How about people returning stuff, no it never gets back on the shelf, How about samples from suppliers, stuff I ordered that didn't meet my desire or maybe were the wrong item. The list goes on. I have to get rid of this stuff.  Is it good? Maybe, Maybe not. I don't know. I am not sorting through it, or looking at it closely. I do not have the time.  I am going to just take a picture of stuff stick it in a bag and offer it for sale.  No returns.  Count on it being broken and if it is not you got lucky.