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Vintage Blue Bird Paperweight Blown Art Glass

Vintage Blue Bird Paperweight Blown Art Glass

$ 20.00

This is fairly modern, made in china. No earlier then 80's I wouldn't think. I am sure I have had it at least 10 years. I think I picked it up at a local antique mall. I kinda like this design and have quite a few of them. The Chinese produced a lot of different versions of this theme. Birds or insects flying over something. Anyway, I like the color on this. It is a little unclear what the "things" are. the whole paperweight has a bit of a fantasy feel to it. Bird, insect, alien creature? you be the judge.  Size is 3 inches across. Condition is good. I notice a spec on the side, about the size of a pencil point. No cracks or major dings or chips.

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